Nocturnal Visitors

These Javelinas showed up around 2am to PARTY! This is our neighbor’s site. We are photographing from the safety of our bedroom window.

I believe they are of the “pig” family. They LOOK like little piggies. This one would have come up to my knees. I think there is a resemblance to Parker.

This one shows their long snout and cloven hooves.

I love this ACTION photo!There are 3 Javelinas in this photo. Two are fighting and one has his butt sticking out of the garbage can on the far right of the photo. Our neighbors from California did not hear a thing. It’s kind of creepy to think this was going on while all slept. I was awake and reading when the parade started behind our rig.  Parker and Rollo knew they were out there. They protected us!

Rancho Sedona… our Home

Beautiful Artwork.

Our rig is on the right, just behind the red pickup.

Our new shades makes the rig look like it has sideburns.

Our view. Up in those trees are the Herons.

You can barely see them, but you CAN hear them.

Path to laundry, clothes line, showers and firepit.

Firepit with laundry behind.

Doggy Run